About me

My name is Jack Cardenas and I was an alcoholic. I underwent serious issues before I fully managed to win the battle against alcohol.


I started drinking even before I turned 18. As most of the kids nowadays, I started attending parties where alcohol was the inevitable evil. I, like many others, believed that I would not be able to relax, let alone enjoy parties, without a few shots. At the beginning, I experimented with the different types of alcohol, until I concluded that red wine was my personal favorite. A drunken night after another, each followed by a painful hangover the next day, I started losing it. I got used to being drunk that I would not care about hangovers anymore. In a way, I became disillusioned, as I lost all my life perspectives and my only goal became to get to a glass of wine.

While my friends and family kept telling Me that alcohol has an utterly bad impact on my health and life, I kept denying them saying things like Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again neither does milk and Alcohol does not offer any solutions, but it helps me forget about the problems.

I believed that if I drank enough alcohol, it would drown my problems. What I did not know is that they knew how to swim.

The reason why I started drinking was not that I was facing too many troubles. In fact, I did not have any problems previously, but simply enjoyed the taste of wine. This is what created so many problems for me later on.

It was not until I lost someone I loved, that I realized alcohol was actually having a very bad effect on my life. Despite the advice of my closest ones, I crossed the limit, one night when I got drunk, even though I promised Amy, my girlfriend at the time, that I would cut down on alcohol. Amy was so disappointed in me and they started fighting. I was so drunk that I barely understood what she was saying. At a point, I went for another glass, and Amy took the bottle away from me. I got angry and not being in control of myself I told Amy that I did not love her anymore and that I wished she let me live my life. I kept trying to reach the bottle, as she was using all her strength not to let go. For a moment I lost it, and it happened. I raised my hand on her and I slapped her check so hard that I threw her on the other side of the bed. It was over. It was the end of a chapter in my life.

I and Amy split, but every end is yet a beginning of something new. I tried to get back to her so hard, but Amy would not let herself go through the same problems she used to up until that moment. She realized that she deserves so much better and that she should not keep ruining her life in order to safe mine.

I kept trying to tell her how sorry I was, but it was too late. In the battle of getting her back, I actually went even deeper first, being drunk all the time, as I could not face the sobriety in my loneliness. Two months passed before I pulled myself together, and with a help a close friend I went to the doctor’s to ask for help.

After the call for help, I started the addict treatment. I was prescribed medications and was obliged to visit the doctor’s regularly. I joined an Alcohol Anonymous group in order to get better. I was lucky that my parents and my closest friends did not give up on me, as their support is what made fighting the battle against alcohol possible.

Several months had to pass before I won this struggle, but I finally managed. I never got back with Amy, but I got out of the vicious circle of constant drunkenness. I started a new life, helping other people who face problems with alcohol addiction and tries to make an impact on them, so that they do not undergo the same thing I did.

Do not let yourself become me. Face your war before fighting it becomes the only choice you have. Face it, before it is too late winning. Do it for me. Do it for your inner Jack.