Balancing the Risks & Benefits of Alcohol

Ever since the humankind started consuming fermented beverages, which we nowadays commonly refer to as alcohol, the debate – whether the consumption of these liquors and tonics is a good or a bad thing, has been a reason for a serious clash between different opinions which frequently reflect on the social norms. The reason why this quandary exists even to present day is most likely that alcohol is as much a poison as it is an enjoyable refreshment.

There are certainly both pros and cons for taking dozes of the preferred drink on a regular or occasional basis, but the key is undoubtedly in the balancing between the risks & benefits of alcohol consumption.

The Risks of Alcohol Consumption

We can clearly refer to alcohol as a double-edged sword, which can be an utterly powerful weapon against certain diseases, but it can also cut us as deep as the opponent. Since it is a dangerous toy to play with, balancing the risks & benefits of alcohol consumption is the crucial thing in the resolution of this issue.

The following list portrays the risks of alcohol consumption:

  • Excessive use of alcohol can result in alcoholic hepatitis – commonly known as the inflammation of the liver, as well as cirrhosis – serious disease which leads to damaging of the inside of the liver;
  • Hypertension – high blood pressure, and cardiomyopathy – damaging of the heart muscle, are also considered drawbacks of alcohol consumption;
  • According to some cancer research organizations, alcohol can also lead to cancer to several parts of the body including: mouth, breast, larynx, pharynx, colon, rectum, esophagus, and liver;
  • Having too many shots often leads to car accidents, as well as bar fights and domestic abuse and violence;
  • It can also cause severe sleeping problems, especially when mixed up with some medications. This can result in even more serious issue;
  • Intoxication is yet another critical matter which usually occurs due to too high a portion of alcohol in the body;
  • Last but not least, it is evidenced that alcohol raises the breast cancer development chances in women.

The Good Side of Alcohol

It is not all bad after all. As much as dangerous the alcohol consumption can be, despite its flavor and the fact that it helps us relax and forget about our everyday problems, there are several benefits of alcohol consumption. These, of course, only apply if alcohol is consumed in moderate dozes. Some of these benefits are:

  • Some studies suggest that small amounts of alcohol on a regular or occasional basis can prevent several unwanted cardiovascular issues, the most common ones of them being heart attacks, sudden cardiac deaths, ischemic strokes, and peripheral vascular diseases;
  • Alcohol also improves digestion which is why a glass of wine, or another preferred liquor, is recommended before meal;
  • Vitamin B is commonly found in alcohol beverages, especially in beer. This is useful for our physiological cycles in more than one way;
  • Yet another important thing, which we cannot deny about alcohol, is that it relieves stress. At the greater scale, it has an impact on our psychological and social well-beings.

How to Succeed in Balancing the Risks & Benefits of Alcohol

Undoubtedly, the excessive usage of alcohol can lead to no good. However, if one pays attention to dozes, they can manage to balance the risks & benefits of alcohol. Several studies suggest that the moderate doze of alcohol is a glass per day for women, and two glasses per day for men. Anyone who sticks to these terms can have their portion of alcohol on a daily basis.