What to Do with Old Wine Barrels

How many times has any of us come across a certain thing in our basements or attics that appears to be totally useless. During the spring cleaning, we tend to get rid of all the unnecessary items at home, so that we open more space for new ones. However, most of us admire those people who find the time to create something unique out of old things which were considered garbage at first.

It might sound a bit utopian, but if all of us took upon projects like that – using our old unneeded things to create new creative ones, our homes would have been a much more pleasanter and artistic place. This article focuses on providing an insight on what to do with old wine barrels, as most of us have them at home and wonder how to use them properly, rather than just to throw them.

What to Do with Old Wine Barrels

If you don’t really know what to do with old wine barrels, here are several ideas of what you can do with them:

You can create a chandelier out of your old wine barrel.

No kidding, it’s real! The wood out of which the barrels are made are usually a fine fabric. You can use this material to shape it in any way you desire, as there are numerous designs which can be made out of old wine barrels. If you don’t really know how to do it yourself, or you lack creativity to come up with a perfect design, you can check out Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas at Decor Snob for various wine barrel chandelier designs (that’s where I found the pictures below), as well as thorough steps on how to make them. Make sure to polish the wood at the end of the process, so it gets the needed shine and the wanted shade. The wooden chandelier would provide warmth and sophistication for your space, and would fit perfectly in your dinning or living room.

Additional fact: Despite of wooden barrels, chandeliers can also be made out of glass wine bottles. The combination of both makes a perfect match!


Chandeliers are not the only answer to the question – What to do with old wine barrels! Apart from that, you can also create tables, shelves and specific decorations. These seem to be the safer variant, especially for those who are not much into electronics, which is kind of needed for the chandelier.

Lastly, apart from the various ideas for different objects around the house, you can also recycle the wood from the old wine barrels, as it is a high quality wood that can be used for various purposes once recycled, whether it be flooring, other wooden objects around the house, fence, boxes for transport, frames, etc. There isn’t really a limit of what to do with old wine barrels, as the possibilities are countless.


The Bottom line

Not everything that we keep in our corners is unnecessary garbage. In fact, half the things can be transformed in wonderful creations only if we find the time to dedicate to our homes. There are numerous things which can make our houses a home, as most of these ideas are simple and do not take a large portion of our busy lives. The old wine barrels are a great example of what an old piece of wood can do for our home.